Residence Hane


Completed in June 2005, Residence Hane consists of 20 studio apartments designed entirely from student feedback. These apartments are located next to the Student Village dormitory. They are equally close to shops and restaurants, the campus (12 minutes walk) and public transport. Anyone can rent these apartments, though preference is usually given to those studying for 3 months or longer, and the high occupancy rate and limited number of apartments means that vacancies are relatively few.

The Apartments

The apartments are western-style and there are two designs. Type A (16 apartments) has a total internal area of 21.7 m² (10 of these apartments have large covered balconies), Type B (4 apartments) has a total internal area of 25.2 m² (2 of these apartments have large covered balconies). Each has high ceilings, air-conditioning/heating, a large wardrobe, and an equipped kitchen with a kitchen sink, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, electric rice cooker and some cooking utensils (frying pan, saucepan, kettle). Gas cooking is available; Type B apartments have built-in gas ovens while Type A apartments have a combination microwave/convection oven. Yamasa provides a TV, study desk & chair, study lamp, bookshelves, and outdoor furniture if the room has a balcony. There is a coin laundry next to the building. The Type A apartments have a pipe frame single bed with foam mattress, while the Type B apartments have a semi-double bed & spring mattress (width 160cm, length 200cm. Sheets etc are not provided). There is bicycle parking between Residence Hane and the Student Village.

The Residence Hane apartments have extensive food preparation areas, high ceilings and interior door clearances, improved energy efficiency, and better privacy & security. The rooms are deliberately designed to make living in Japan more comfortable for students taller than 175 cm (5 feet 7 inches) - the height of the desk, sink, food preparation areas, shower head etc have all been raised to prevent back pain and discomfort. All the apartments are fully furnished and well lit; they are designed for comfortable single occupancy, with double-glazed windows and extensive sound insulation to reduce disruptions to your living and study environment from any external noise.

Any student living in Residence Hane has internet access (wired and wireless). The cost of the connection is included in the rent and does not need to be applied for. The connection is active from the minute you move in. You would need a short length of cable to connect. There is a telephone jack, but no telephone provided inside the apartment. If you wish to install a telephone/fax etc. then you would need to obtain a lease or rent a line. Most students are instead using computer-to-phone software utilizing the internet connection. Yamasa will assist you if you need a telephone installed in your apartment. Most students prefer to use the cheaper option of handheld cellular phones (mobiles/cell phones), pre-paid cards, or Skype.

The Area

There are shops located nearby, including two restaurants open 24-hours per day, a convenience store also open 24-hours per day, several other restaurants, billiard hall, supermarkets, a nine screen cinema complex (called Kadokawa), and the school is within a twelve minute walk. The 24-hour convenience store and a coin laundry are located next to the building. Transport connections are excellent, as Residence Hane is located near the main road through Okazaki (but far enough away and with good sound insulation, so traffic noise is greatly reduced).



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