Villa 4


Close to shops and restaurants, these studio apartments are popular as they are also the closest to the campus (8 - 10 minutes walk) and the closest to public transport. Students staying at Villa 3 and Villa 4 are usually closer to friends as there are more apartments in the one location than for the rest of student housing.

The Apartments

The apartments are western style. They may be rented as single rooms or shared with one other student. The space of each apartment is 21.8 m², and each has air conditioning/ heating, a large wardrobe, kitchen area with a kitchen sink, refrigerator, gas range & electric rice cooker. There is a large elevated area over the wardrobe where large bags can easily be stored out of the way. The room also comes with a TV, bed, desk, chair, study lamp and book shelves. Each apartment also has its own private bathroom with western style toilet and unit shower/bath. Coin laundry facilities are available on site. Please see the general section for information about bedding.

The Area

This is the most popular and most common studio apartment option. If you are looking to be very near to your friends and other students, near the school and close to shops, but prefer not to share communal facilities, then this is the ideal option. If you prefer to have communal facilities and a private study bedroom, you should consider the Student Village. For absolute peace and quiet, check Residence K, and for apartments with separate study/bedroom and kitchen facilities, check Residence K and Villa 1.



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