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Teachers and Staff

Welcome to YAMASA

We will be happy to support your learning and life experience in Japan. YAMASA has more than 40 teachers and staffs other than the members described below. We look forward to seeing you.

School Principal

Kyoko Komura
School Principal

She makes every effort to provide the best education in Japan to enable students who come from all over the world to experience Japanese cultures and life in Japan. Her kind and cheerful character makes her popular among students and staffs. She has the central role both in name and reality.

Yuko Watanabe
SILAC/SCSP & Cultural Experience Program Director

She knows a lot about Japanese traditional cultures and recent trends such as Japanese tea ceremony and kimono. She is known as a bright and friendly teacher with outstanding enthusiasm about the education.

Program Manager

Admissions & Weekend Tours

Hiroko Asada
Teaching Staff – Private Course Coordinator

She is in charge of Private/Semi-private course that is one of YAMASA's attractive points. She checks every study plan designed for each student to provide high-performance lessons. She is also an experienced teacher who can teach in a wide range of courses.

Tomoya Nakahara
Customer Service Stuff – Accommodation & Facilities

He is the chief of Customer Service. He treats students who come from all around the world as "guests" with warm hospitality. He manages a wide range from immigration procedures to accommodations in order to enable students to live in Japan comfortably and concentrate on studying and cultural experiences.

Accommodation & Facilities

Marketing and Communications

Kumiko Shimohata
Customer Service Stuff - Marketing and Communications

She manages our website and Facebook hoping to let more students know about the goodness of YAMASA. She is also a contact person for admission and overseas agencies.

Masumi Horinouchi
Customer Service Staff – Homestay Coordinator

She is the coordinator of homestay program. Our homestay is high quality and limited to Japanese families. She visits homestay families and see thoroughly the family members, liveability and learning environment to match students with host families.

Homestay Coordinator

Information & Communication Technology Coordinator

Tomas Cermak
Information & Communication Technology Coordinator

He studied at YAMASA about 20 years ago and started working at YAMASA soon after graduation. He gives us technical supports for IT, network and the e-learning system used for classes. His hobby is taking pictures and flying in a glider. He flies around in Japan almost every Sunday.