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Hello Café - on campus entertainment hub

Hello Café will be taking a break for the foreseeable future.
Please watch this space for further information.


Hello Café - On campus entertainment hub From the 29th of October 2016, the Hello Café, an American style café based in Okazaki, will move onto the YAMASA campus.

The goal of Hello Cafe is to provide people with good food, good drinks, good friends, and good fun. We are a multi lingual café where all languages, nationalities and perspectives are welcome and where customers are able to experience a truly international environment.

To help facilitate this, the YAMASA Institute and Hello Café will be co-hosting a variety of social events: ranging from the annual Halloween party and costume party that is thrown every October to weekly happy hours where students are able to purchase food and drinks at considerably reduced prices. On top of this, Hello Café also hosts live musical events featuring an eclectic range of artists that suit a range of musical tastes.

Please check out our Q&A section for details.


Hello Café - On campus entertainment hub Maybe you are now asking yourself what does a “English Speaking Café” mean? To be honest there are a lot of questions, and questions are not negative. We can’t really learn unless we ask questions. I think I would have the same questions too if I were entering into the unknown. I hope I can answer as many as I can for you. Taro Alexander.

Q: Do I have to speak in a particular language in the café?
A: As our staff is bilingual (we have Japanese, Portuguese, English and Mandarin speaking employees) you are welcome to speak in the language that you feel most comfortable with.

Q: Is the menu written only in English?
A: The menu is written in Japanese and English with ample photos of all food items provided.

Q: Are all the staff foreign people?
A: Our staff is mostly foreign people but also Japanese who have lived in a foreign country.

Q: Do I have to pay some kind of door charge to enter?
A: There is no time limit or door charge to come in. Please feel free to drop in and speak with our staff in the language of your choice.

Come in and immerse yourself in the diverse multi-cultural atmosphere or just come in and have free conversations in Japanese or English. Or just learn how to order a drink or meal.