A teacher's day

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    Yokozawa Norikazu Teacher(Japan)
    Chief Advisor
    Start date at YAMASA 1999

    Teaching in an easy to understand method is paramount, as well as students enjoying their lessons.

    The great thing about YAMASA is the close relationships between teachers and students. We make sure we are available to take questions and requests from students each day.
    At YAMASA we have people from a number of different countries so we provide an environment where everyone's views are respected without enforcing Japanese values and customs because values and ways of thinking vary from country to country.
    For myself, being easily understood during lessons is paramount, as well as creating an enjoyable learning environment. We ensure students are motivated to try and use the content being studied by themselves.

    A look at my day at YAMASA


    8:00 Reporting for work

    A meeting is held to confirm the day's schedule.


    8:30 Lesson preparation

    Preparing the necessary teaching materials and teaching tools for the day's lessons.
    Outside of textbooks we also use printouts, cards, DVD's and computers, etc. during lessons.


    9:00 Lessons

    Rather than having a teacher only speaking environment, lessons proceed with two way communication between students and teachers.


    12:00 Lunch Time

    Lunch time also gives an opportunity to communicate with students.


    12:40 Lessons

    Again, without having to only listen to what is being said by the teacher students practice Japanese in a lively environment.
    Students will also head to the office to interview teachers and CS staff


    13:30 Take questions after lessons

    Teachers take questions from students who may not have understood some parts of the lessons.
    Particularly at times before tests.


    14:30 Teacher meeting

    I meet with the other teacher's to discuss how the lessons are progressing.


    15:30 School Entrance Ceremony Preparation

    The day before short courses begin preparations are made for opening ceremonies as well as placement tests for students.
    We also enjoy meeting the students who are returning for the second or third time.


    16:30 Arrange timetables

    Timetables are created with consideration of what students wish to study.


    19:00 Finish

    Where would you like to head to next?