Curso privado/semiprivado

Intended Audience

Private class Students who enroll in private or semi-private come from all ability levels. However, there are often three distinct types of students who usually enroll in private or semi-private lessons. They are:

  • Students who wish to create a program of study exclusively tailored to their individual needs and prerogatives.

  • Students who have prior commitments (i.e. family, work) that may prevent them from taking on a full time study during business hours.

  • Students who are currently taking courses at YAMASA and who wish to supplement their current course work with additional material.

As the length of time and mode of delivery is decided by the student, the course can go for as long or short as you like and also can be started at any time (See below).

Why Private/Semi Private Lessons?

As mentioned in the previous section (see above), students who take private or semi private lessons usually fall into one of three categories. The following will now give a general outline as to how private or semi-private courses can:

  • Allow enrollees to create a module of study that possesses a high level of flexibility in order to help them achieve their objectives.

  • Help supplement prior learning for students already enrolled in YAMASA courses.

  • Allow students who have other commitments besides study (family, work, travel) that could impede on their ability to undertake a comprehensive course of study.


If enrolled in a YAMASA private or semi-private course, the above listed students can expect:

  • Personalized curriculum: Upon getting in contact with our friendly admissions staff, your Japanese level and study goals will be given a preliminary assessment in person or online. After this has been conducted, you will be given a further assessment with your teacher in order to ascertain what kind of curriculum and/or teaching materials are right for you. Furthermore, in conjunction with your teacher, you will be able to set study goals that will best realize your future plans for studying Japanese.
    As mentioned elsewhere, different people have different goals when it comes to studying the Japanese language. For this reason, when designing your study plan, we do not limit ourselves to merely a ‘traditional’ language curriculum. We are able to encompass other areas of Japanese culture into your study plan if it suits you.

  • Direct access to your teacher: Whilst student numbers will vary depending on whether you have chosen the private or semi-private option, you will be guaranteed that your class size will not exceed 4 students (if you take a semi private class). If you choose the private/semi private lesson option, you will be guaranteed that you will have full one on one access to your teacher. Both options insure that you will have full opportunity to increase your Japanese language proficiency by practicing the Japanese that you have learnt in class and at home.

  • A teacher whose skill set match your needs: Upon completing your preliminary interview, your stated needs will be matched against our vast list of experienced and flexible Japanese language specialists. The utmost will be done to find a teacher whose life experience, interests and skill set will help you realize your objectives.

  • Flexibility: As lessons run between 9 AM and 5 PM, you will be able to choose a time that suits you rather than vice versa.

Fechas de inicio

Course length This will be decided by the student.
Start dates Private/semi-private lessons can be started at any time during the year if not included as part of another course of study.
While private/semi-private lessons can be chosen as a part of SILAC, it should be noted that if you choose a semi-private/private option in conjunction with the AIJP-AJSP, start dates will coincide with regular student intakes: January 27th, April 21st, July 20th and October 19th.
What days do lessons run? From 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.
Lessons per term As mentioned earlier, this is decided by the student.
Class start and finish time This will be decided by the student. Private/semi-private lessons differ in that lessons are taught in single periods rather than being taught over a 6 period day.
Class duration 50 minutes


Lecciones privadas

Matrícula 5,000¥
Lecciones Precio por lección
Entre 1 y 50 lecciones 5,000¥
Entre 51 y 100 lecciones 4,500¥
Más de 100 lecciones 4,200¥

Lecciones semiprivadas

Matrícula 5,000¥
Lecciones Precio por lección
Entre 1 y 50 lecciones 3,000¥
Entre 51 y 100 lecciones 2,800¥
Más de 100 lecciones 2,500¥

※En el precio no se incluye el coste de los libros de texto

Conversor de moneda

Información sobre el visado

Los visados de estudiante solo se reciben para los cursos que duran 6 o más meses y dado que las clases privadas tienen una duración variable, no es posible realizar la petición del visado de estudiante únicamente para cursar clases privadas.
Se pueden cursar sin embargo mediante un visado de turismo si viene del extranjero, o mediante un visado "Working Holiday". Por favor, tenga en cuenta que la duración máxima de su visado de turismo depende mayoritariamente de su país de procedencia*.

*: En 2014, el gobierno Japonés otorgo exención a un grupo de 67 países en materia de visados de turismo y corta duración. Los residentes de dichos países tienen mayor facilidad para conseguir el visado japonés.
Para obtener más información acerca de si puede usted optar o no a cualquier de los dos visados arriba mostrados o si usted ya dispone de un visado diferente a los anteriores, haga el favor de ponerse en contacto con el departamento de admisiones de YAMASA mediante correo electrónico en o por vía telefónica en el 81 (0)564-55-8111.


¡Enhorabuena! Al decidir estudiar en YAMASA ha dado el primer paso para mejorar su habilidad en el idioma japonés.
El siguiente paso que deberá realizar es comenzar el proceso de matriculación.

Dudas y preguntas

Si aún tiene alguna duda estaremos encantados de solucionarla. No dude en poner en contacto con nosotros mediante nuestra dirección de correo electrónico en o por teléfono llamando al 81 (0)564-55-8111.
Nota: El periodo de respuesta suele ser de 1 día hábil.