Japanese language course application

Course Application

If you have not read the visa information page yet, please read it first.

Student visa is not required

For students enrolling in courses that do not require a student visa, you are able to complete your enrollment entirely online.
For online enrollment in short courses choose one of the links below. These forms are for applicants who do not require a student visa, either due to Japanese nationality, intention to use a tourist visa, intention to apply for a suitable visa of a different category than student, or foreign residents of Japan.

Online Application

AIJP - Academic Intensive Japanese Program
AJSP - Advanced Japanese Studies Program
SILAC - Short Intensive Language Acquisition Course
Shigoto no Nihongo (Module 1)
Shigoto no Nihongo (Module 2)
JBPP - Japanese for Business and Professional Purposes
Mini Course
N.I.C.E. Gourmet Japanese
Private/Semi-Private classes

Please also remember that you will need to submit photos and fees before your application procedure is formally completed.

Student visa is required

At this stage applicants who need a student visa for long term studies in the AIJP or AJSP Courses are unable to complete their enrollment online due to restrictions and regulations imposed by Japan's Immigration Bureau. If you need a student visa - you need Yamasa's Student Visa Application Kit. This can be either downloaded in pdf format, or can be sent to you by airmail or courier. You will then need to complete the kit and send it in before the relevant deadline.

Request a Student Visa Application Kit