Check list for students enrolling in ACCP

    Thank you for choosing YAMASA!

    Before we proceed further with your application, please take the time to go over the visa requirements and tuition fees for ACCP as a comprehensive knowledge of this will make your path to YAMASA smoother.
    If there is anything that you still need clarified, please feel free to contact us.

    What visa will I need to enroll in ACCP?

    The kind of visa that students coming from overseas will need to apply for largely depends on how long they wish to study for. Please refer to the table below to find out the visa that best suits your situation.

    I want to study for The type of visa you should get is a
    Longer than 90 days Student visa. Please click the following link to download the necessary documents for a student visa. (Recommended)
    A maximum of 90 days Short term stay visa* (one term) or working holiday visa. Please make sure to contact your local Japanese consulate/embassy to see what requirements are needed for either one of these visas as these visas are divided into 15, 30 and 90 day categories depending on the type of passport you have.

    * In 2014, the Japanese government granted exemptions to a group of 67 countries in regards to applying for short term visas; meaning that residents of these countries are better able to enter Japan. To find out more about this program or to see if your country is eligible for this program, please click the following link.
    For further information regarding whether or not you qualify for any of the two visas listed above, please contact us.

    How much will tuition fees for ACCP cost?

    期間 料金(¥) 期間 料金(¥)
    4週間 210,000 9週間 358,000
    5週間 240,000 10週間 370,000
    6週間 280,000 11週間 385,000
    7週間 305,000 12週間 400,000
    8週間 330,000
    • 料金に教科書代は含まれておりません。
    • ご入学後の延長可能


    オプション 追加費用
    A:プライベートレッスン 1レッスン ¥4,000


    学費の割引について(ACCP 特別集中プログラムコース)


    • ACCPへの再入学のお客様は初回の学費から20%割引
    • ワーキングホリデービザ、JETビザをご利用のお客様は初回の学費のみ10%割引
    • 1年間の学費をまとめて納めていただいた場合は10%割引
    • 全ての手続き(学費全額振込等)を下記期日以前に終えていただいた方には早期割引を適用
      <16週間前> 10%割引 <12週間前> 5%割引
    • 各コース、オプションは割引の対象外です。

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