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Beer breweries in Hokkaido

The first beer brewed in Japan was in Sapporo, and the island has always had a reputation since then for producing the best beer in Japan. There are a number of breweries, the largest being the massive Sapporo Beer brewery which receives some 2 million visitors a year. This company is one of the "Big Four", the others being Kirin, Asahi and Suntory. The Sapporo brewery offers factory tours, has an enormous beer museum, and is famous for its beer halls and beer gardens.

An increasingly important player is a regional brewer based in Otaru, and called Otaru Beer. This is arguably the best brewing outfit in Japan with superb technology and know how. Unfortunately they only supply their signature beers to customers within a 100 kilometer radius of Otaru, so the only other way to sample their product is to drink the beers found in Bikkuri Donkey restaurants.

Two other (much smaller) breweries can be found in Hakodate (Hakodate Beer) and Onuma (Onuma Beer). Both are worth visiting if you have the chance.

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