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JBPP - Japanese for Business and Professional Purposes


YAMASA will be discontinuing JBPP from the end of March 2017. If you are interested in a Japanese course concerning Japanese business skills and job hunting techniques, we highly reccomend our new Shigoto no Nihongo course that will be starting in April.

Shigoto no Nihongo 1
Shigoto no Nihongo 2


This innovative business Japanese program is designed to teach you professional Japanese for a wide range of management and negotiation situations in a Japanese speaking workplace or environment. Study business conversational Japanese while also developing skills to handle telephone conversations or writing business emails, among many other real life business situations. Students will also develop an understanding of Japanese business culture allowing them to create harmonious relationships with Japanese colleagues and managers.


In the JBPP course lessons are conducted through the full range of multimedia devices. This includes the use of Skype, the internet, video, and projectors among others. Lessons involve a number of role plays using the material you have learned in class. These role plays are video recorded and then feedback takes place with your teachers. JBPP fosters your ability to communicate comprehensively in Japanese whilst having an acute awareness of Japanese business manners.

Lessons also include composing emails by PC so as to ensure you develop the actual skills needed in the real business world. JBPP is a very practical based program. This course is setup for those wishing to find employment in Japan or for students who will return to their own country and enter into a Japanese related business field. This is the course for those who will be interacting with Japanese people within a business context.

Level Limited Entry
Students have to meet one of the following requirements:
Have completed a beginner level course
JLPT N4 or higher
Applicants must obtain at least 75% on the online test
Course Start Dates ■Four times a year
2016 - January 27th / April 21th / July 20th /October 19th
2017 - January 25th
Yobi Course: This is a two week preparation course for applicants who wish to review essential grammar and vocabulary before the actual JBPP classes begin.
(Separate Fees required)
If you take the above course your start date will be the same as the AIJP course.
Your start date will be 2 weeks later in the case that you don't take the Yobi course.
■Immediate start
It is possible to start the JBPP course immediately.
Study Period Optional: From 2 to 10 weeks
・With the AIJP Yobi Course:4 weeks/6 weeks
・Without the AIJP Yobi Course:2 weeks/4 weeks
・In the case of taking Option B - JBPP: 5 Lessons a week for 10 weeks.
You can commence the JBPP course any Thursday throughout the year.
Class numbers No more than 6 students per class
Visa 90 Day Short Stay Visa
Working Holiday Visa


25 Lessons per week

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9:00 - 9:50 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
10:00 - 10:50 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
11:00 - 11:50 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
11:50 - 12:40 Lunch Break
12:40 - 13:30 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
13:40 - 14:30 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson

Option A:(Private Lessons)

For students who wish to study over and above the JBPP schedule to improve their ability it is possible to include Option A: Private Lessons. Option A can be taken whilst studying in the JBPP program with a maximum of five lessons per week. Students can decide what they would like to study in these lessons. Students often use these lessons for review, extra conversation practice or Japanese Proficiency test preparation, among other things.


For those wanting actual work experience it is possible to enter into an internship related to your chosen field. Participation takes place after you have finished your course and is limited to two weeks.


Aproveite os seguintes descontos que estão disponíveis para todos os estudantes que se inscrevem ou re-matricular em YAMASA!
  • Os alunos que re-matrículam no curso novamente, são elegíveis a um desconto de 20% em seu primeiro pagamento do curso.
  • Estudantes com Working Holiday Visa ou um JET Programme Visa são elegíveis a um desconto de 10% em seu primeiro pagamento do curso.
  • Para os alunos que se matrículam e pagam antes das aulas começarem, estão disponíveis os seguintes descontos.
    • 16 semanas antes: 10% Desconto.
    • 12 semanas antes: 5% Desconto.
  • Para os estudantes que têm JLPT N2, um desconto de 10% é atribuído em seu primeiro pagamento do curso. (Certificado deve ser fornecido)


  • Os descontos podem ser usados somente uma vez e não são acumulativos, ou seja, apenas um desconto pode ser usado por inscrição.
  • Os descontos também não se aplicam aos cursos extras/ aulas opcionais.
  • O desconto pode ser usado uma de cada vez.
2 Weeks 4 Weeks
JBPP ¥135,000 ¥250,000
4 Weeks 6 Weeks
JBPP+The Yobi Course ¥250,000 ¥345,000

Option for those studying in the AIJP/AJSP Programs:1 Term(10 Weeks) ¥95,000
Internship(Work Experience 2 Weeks):¥70,000
※Fees do not include the cost of Textbooks

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