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Welcome to Japan's only multilingual, fully searchable, interactive online student travel guide for independent language and cultural travellers. See the real Japan. See it without 30 clueless tourists. See the parts that YOU want, not the parts others want to show you. See off the beaten track places that are usually inaccessible to visitors. Mix with the locals, practise your Japanese language skills and get out and about.

Destinations contains detailed guides to hundreds of locations in Japan, plus answers to many questions about travelling here. For various reasons, many places in Japan (including National Parks, UNESCO listed World Heritage sites, and surprisingly - even tourist traps in Kyoto and Nara) have minimal or zero information available in foreign languages. Due to space constraints and commercial decisions, most guidebooks are only able to provide superficial information about many of the destinations Japan has to offer. This website has no such restraints, and is designed to make knowledge accessible.

  • In addition to the destination and transportation guides, a number of specialist sub-directories support the project. These include Skiing/Snow, Surfing, Trekking/Hiking and National Parks sections, in addition to growing arts, culture and history projects and an online encyclopedia currently under development.

  • Our Japan Travel Guide is written exclusively by travellers in Japan - and in particular by and for travelling students. Every destination in the guide is visited regularly by the project team (usually several times per year), and each file is continuously updated.

  • All guides are in a print ready format in several languages. When planning a trip or before heading to a destination you can easily supplement your "deadtrees" guidebook with much more detail.

  • The virtual guidebook includes bulletin boards where community members can receive and/or share information on good accommodation and out-of-the-way places, and extensive on demand streaming media sourced from Yamasa.tv and Okazaki.fm. Most of the guide is free access (including all video and streaming media), though in some cases we will require registration (free) before the video can be streamed. Please note that due to high and on-going development and maintenance costs, for some of the more valuable bulletin boards or web accessible resources such as the reservations service and the low cost accommodation database we will require you to acquire a password.

  • The travel guide also includes a free and extensive FAQ covering many questions related to travelling in Japan.

If you can't find what you need please contact us - we have a large team here in Okazaki waiting to help you.

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